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3 Keys To Securing Your Web Site

It is the Web site owner’s duty to make sure that the security is up-to-date. This makes the correction of such problems, if they arise, easier.

A Web site owner should also regularly change the Web site’s administrator password, observing all the common-sense rules regarding password creation. Although many do not take this step, simply taking precautions can help prevent a costly breach from occurring.

Monitor Online Activities. It is absolutely vital for a Web site owner to monitor all of their online activities.

Email from unknown people should be treated suspiciously, particularly if an attachment is included. Often these attachments have a Trojan, virus, or other malicious software packaged inside them that will burst free when the attachment is downloaded. Although most new computer security products are aware of these viruses, a brand-new virus can remain undetected until it is discovered by security professionals who then update their protective software to counter the new threat.

For the owner of a Web site, every virus and illegal access that is prevented on their personal computer represents a lot of money saved. Perhaps more than most anyone else, Web site owners get their money’s worth when buying security products. A Web site owner can lose their Web site and all their earnings from a single breach by a single hacker, even if that breach is on their home PC if that computer has been used to access restricted areas of their Web site. The peace of mind a few security software purchases can bring is more than worth the cost in dollars. Remember the old adage: penny wise and pound foolish? This can apply to manage a site in today’s increasingly fraught environment.

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