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Hi my name is Anton.

I am a Loser. You are going to learn from this writing today the reason why you too must be a Loser. In all seriousness, let me share with you why I am writing this. Over twenty million Americans watched the evolution of a winner in a reality show called ìThe Biggest Loser. This particular show involved severely overweight and obese contestants that had simply lost all control of their weight. The winner that ultimately lost the most body weight and decreased his overall body fat was awarded $250,000.

I want to correlate this show to business, life and to personal success. You need to be the Biggest Loser when it comes to changing your associations with others. One of the contestants on the show was severely obese to the point that others would look at him and say to themselves, he will never be healthy. But that person made the decision to change his life and become the ultimate winner of the Biggest Loser. I want to share with you 5 secrets on How you can become a BIG LOSER!


  • Awesome Read. We are all Losers who have the potential to become Champions, with just a little help.

  • Sounds good….

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